Coming back to life : the updated guide to The work that reconnects (전자도서, 2014) []
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Coming back to life : the updated guide to The work that reconnects
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Coming back to life : the updated guide to The work that reconnects

저자: Joanna Macy; Molly Young Brown
출판사: Gabriola Island, BC : New Society Publishers, [2014] ©2014
판/형식:   전자도서 : 문서 : 영어 : Updated [edition]모든 판과 형식 보기

Personal empowerment in the face of planetary despair


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자료 유형: 문서, 인터넷 자료
문서 유형 인터넷 자원, 컴퓨터 파일
모든 저자 / 참여자: Joanna Macy; Molly Young Brown
ISBN: 9781550925807 1550925806
OCLC 번호: 1132352782
설명: 1 online resource
내용: Permissions Message from Dalai Lama Foreword by Matthew Fox Preface by Joanna Macy Preface by Molly Young Brown Chapter 1: To Choose Life We Can Still Opt for a Life-Sustaining World Choosing Our Story 1. Business As Usual 2. The Great Unraveling 3. The Great Turning The Great Turning 1. Holding Actions in Defense of Life 2. Transforming the Foundations of Our Common Life 3. Shift in Perception and Values Chapter 2: The Greatest Danger - The Deadening of Heart and Mind What is Pain for the World? What Deadens Heart and Mind? Fear of Pain Fear of Despair Other Spiritual Traps Fear of Not Fitting In Distrust of Our Own Intelligence Fear of Guilt Fear of Distressing Loved Ones View of Self as Separate Hijacked Attention Fear of Powerlessness Fear of Knowing - and Speaking Mass Media Job and Time Pressures Social Violence The Cost of Blocking Our Pain for the World Impeded Cognitive Functioning Impeded Access to the Unconscious Impeded Instinct for Self-Preservation Impeded Eros Impeded Empathy Impeded Imagination Impeded Feedback Coming Back to Life Chapter 3: The Basic Miracle - Our True Nature and Power Living Systems Theory How Life Self-Organizes Water, Fire and Web Gaia Theory Deep Ecology Beyond Anthropocentrism The Ecological Self Asking Deeper Questions Ancient Spiritual Teachings Abrahamic Religions Asian Traditions Indigenous Spirituality The Miracle of Mind Self as Choice Maker Positive Disintegration We Are the World The Nature of Our Power Power Over Power With Power Over Blocks Feedback The Power of Disclosure Synergy and Grace Chapter 4: What Is The Work That Reconnects? History of the Work Aims of the Work Basic Assumptions of the Work The Spiral of the Work The Shambhala Prophecy The Work That Reconnects in Corporate Settings Chapter 5: Guiding The Work That Reconnects The Value of Working in Groups Tasks of the Facilitator Foundations of Good Facilitation Capacities of an Excellent Guide Engaging Full Participation Working With Strong Emotions Guidelines for Conducting Rituals Workshop Setting and Arrangements Money Opening The Workshop Closing The Workshop Evaluation Follow-Up Ongoing Support for the Guide Chapter 6: Coming From Gratitude Gratitude: Teaching Points Practices Becoming Present through Breath, Movement,Sound and Silence Introductions with Gratitude Open Sentences Open Sentences on Gratitude Gratitude Rounds Mirror Walk Open Sentences on the Great Turning The Wheel of the Great Turning The Elm Dance The Presence of Gratitude Throughout the Work Chapter 7: Honoring Our Pain For The World Our Inner Responses to Suffering and Destruction Practices Small Groups on the Great Unraveling Open Sentences on Honoring Our Pain Breathing Through The Milling Reporting to Chief Seattle The Bestiary We Have Forgotten Who We Are "I Don't Care" Cairn of Mourning Truth Mandala Despair Ritual Bowl of Tears Spontaneous Writing Imaging with Colors and Clay Chapter 8: Seeing With New Eyes Brain Food Key Teaching Points Advice for Conveying These Concepts Practices The Systems Game Riddle of the Commons Game When I Made a Difference Widening Circles The Cradling Who Are You? Dance to Dismember the Ego Bodhisattva Check-In Council of All Beings Chapter 9: Deep Time - Reconnecting with Past and Future Generations To Reinhabit Time Practices Invoking the Beings of the Three Times Open Sentences on Time The Evolutionary Gifts of the Animals Harvesting the Gifts of the Ancestors Audio Recording to the Future Letter from the Future The Seventh Generation Field Work on the Great Turning The Storytellers Convention Chapter 10: Going Forth Discoveries Made So Far in the Spiral Practices Networking Communicating Our Concerns and Hopes Life Map Imaging Our Power The Sword in the Stone Callings and Resources Consultation Groups Corbett The Clearness Committee Dialoging with Mara to Strengthen Our Resolve Bowing to Our Adversaries Creating Study/Action Groups The Four Abodes Five Vows Circle of Blessings Two Poems for the Road Ahead Chapter 11: The Work That Reconnects with Children and Teens What Do Children Know and Feel? The Effects of Silence Suggestions for Overcoming the Fear and the Silence Using the Work That Reconnects Generation Waking Up Practices for Children and Teens Mothers and Daughters Follow the Spiral Talking Circle Gratitude The Human Camera Honoring Our Pain for the World Open Sentences Milling with Open Sentences Two Stories of the Truth Mandala with Children Boom Chicka Boom with Feelings Seeing with New Eyes The Web of Life Our Life As Gaia The Robot Game The Council of All Beings in a School Setting Going Forth Open Sentences for Going Forth Starfish Story and Ritual The Galactic Council Planning Actions Chapter 12: Learning with Communities of Color Part One by Joanna Macy Getting Started Honoring Our Ancestors The Immensity of the Pain How the Pain of People of Color is Pathologized Seeing the Industrial Growth Society with New Eyes Time for Deep Cultural Awakening Part Two by Patricia St. Onge Walking Toward the Work That Reconnects Deep Culture as a Lens Weaving the Threads Together Part Three by Adelaja Simon, Adrian Villasenor Galarza and Andres Thomas Conteris. Part Four: Sharing the Work That Reconnects with First Nationsby Andrea Avila Chapter 13: Meditations for the Great Turning The Web of Life Gaia Meditation Death Meditation Loving-Kindness Breathing Through The Great Ball of Merit The Four Abodes Two Litanies Appendix A: Chief Seattle's Message Appendix B: The Bestiary by Joanna Macy Appendix C: Ethics and Declarations of Rights Appendix D: Bodywork and Movement and Using the Spiral in Writing Workshops Endnotes Resources Index Acknowledgments About the Authors
책임: Joanna Macy, Molly Brown ; foreword by Matthew Fox.


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