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The armour of imperial Rome

by Henry Russell Robinson; Irving Farren; David Gibbons

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Outstanding and exhaustive review of Roman armor and helmets   (2017-03-28)


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by DougWelch

This book has been made obsolete by subsequent archaeological finds, specifically the Teutoberg site at Kalkreise, but upon its publication in the early 1970s, this book was an exhaustive description and comparison of excavated Roman armor and helmets. Robinson's system of classifying Roman helmets and armor is still used in describing these materials in the English language.

The authors examine each existing specimen of each type and describe the unique and defining characteristics of that item, such as Gallic style helmets, Italic style helmets, the various types of armor, chainmail, segmented, lamellar and scale mail. There are also photos of many items that had been destroyed since being photographed and the publication of this book such as a helmet of the Imperial Gallic A pattern.

There are also photos and technical drawings of Roman artistic representations of the various types of armor to give a more idealized and contemporary view of these items. Since the publication of this book, no author or team of authors have repeated this feat of cataloging and classifying every kind of piece of Roman helmet or body armor. This book is still a very useful reference for people interested in the armor of the ROman army from the Late Republic until about the Third Century.

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