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Best new zombie tales. Vol. 2

by James Roy Daley;

  Print book : Fiction : Juvenile audience  |  1st ed

Selected story summaries   (2018-11-11)


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by billborre

"Coming Home" by David Niall Wilson - Billy is a marine coming home when the zombies attack. He disobeys an order to take a jeep out to his wife Jeanne's house and is greeted by the dog Bubba. Billy doesn't see Jeanne or his kids and thinks maybe they escaped but Bubba begins to bark so he comes downstairs and sees Jeanne among the corpses that have begun heading towards his front lawn. Billy is stunned until Bubba lunges toward Jeanne crawling on all fours and rips her throat out severing her head from her shoulders so the zombie stops crawling toward Billy. This clears Billy's mind and he and Bubba get in the jeep to drive back to the base and the ship docked out in the water.

"Bury Me Not" by Rio Youers - Michelle acts as caregiver for Mr. Vanderhoff and finds his body when she stops by for one of her visits. The corpse gets up from the chair and advances towards her. It says in Dutch "I am not dead." She screams and it falls hard to the floor. She calls his doctor and he confirms the man is dead but asks her why she moved the body which she denies. She remembers a story he told her about once partaking of a Voodoo ceremony that African natives grateful for his philanthropy had arranged which was supposed to impart eternal life. She skips the funeral but visits his grave. Deep below her she can still hear "I am not dead."

"Provider" by Tim Waggoner - A man can't bear the thought of his zombie wife and child being destroyed so he keeps them in the basement. When a coworker surmises that he is hiding them he attempts blackmail but is killed. The man dumps the body in the basement so that his wife and child have a surrogate husband/father to keep them company.

"'Til decay do us part" by Myrrym Davis - This satirical story occurs in a world where the living dead have been accepted into society and a radio program called 'Til decay do us part addresses relationship concerns between humans and zombies.

"Gran’ma’s in the Bathroom (…and she’s not coming out)" by Ken Goldman - Gilbert's crazy mom leaves his grandma on the toilet seat after she dies there where she begins to rot and eventually becomes a non-Romero zombie.



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